Yatakiya has four rooms, all unique in their details, all united in their combination of comfort, luxury, and living history.

The first room, kagirohi, is named after the glow of the sun on the horizon before dawn breaks, an atmospheric phenomenon celebrated at Kagirohi no Manyo Park, in nearby Ouda. This room, originally a storehouse for valuable goods, still maintains the heavy exterior door; pushing it open, one can strongly feel the weight of history underhand. The wash basin and bath are both a deep blue-green, the colour of yamatotouki, the edible medicinal herb used across Yatakiya in their sauna, baths, and cuisine.

The second room, koraku, is similar to kagirohi, a comfortable yet luxurious size for solo visits. Also originally a storehouse, it was dedicated to goods for daily use, like miso paste and rice. The unusual, dramatic circular bath is housed in a bathroom with a small terrace attached. When the sliding door is opened, and the fresh air and light filtering through the leaves of the overlooking maple tree pour in, the effect is similar to a private outdoor onsen.

The third room, manyou, looks out over a row of cherry trees, promising spectacular blossoms in sakura season. Guests staying in manyou are able to bring their pets, as the room is fully equipped with the requisite pen, stair guards, and more. A fantastic size for families, this spaciousness is amplified, as in the previous two rooms, by the two-level layout. The wash basin and bathtub are the warm red of the aforementioned kagirohi, the colour of the moments before dawn.

The fourth room, mahoroba, is the largest of the rooms at Yatakiya. In the centre of the living room, a low chabudai table faces enormous glass sliding doors, which look out over a beautiful traditional garden. Elsewhere, the private bathroom terrace has a view of Yatakiya’s thatched roof. Like kagirohi, it has a gorgeous circular ceramic bathtub, in a deep blue glaze. The name can be translated as ‘one’s spiritual home,’ a fitting epithet for a room uniquely equipped for relaxation and reflection.

Whichever room you may pick, you can do so with the promise of experiencing traditional Japanese architecture firsthand, whilst also enjoying a soothing combination of luxury and comfort from the handpicked furnishings and private baths.


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This text is written by Gabriela Mancey-Jones who is studying in Japan at the invitation of the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, through interviews conducted in February 2024. She is looking to specialize in cultural anthropology with a Japan focus.